Casey Weade guests on newly-launched "Lifestyle Investor" podcast

Lifestyle investor podcast Lifestyle investor podcast
Casey Weade

Casey Weade, CEO and Chief Visionary of Howard Bailey Financial, Inc., joined Episode 003 of the Lifestyle Investor podcast, to share insights on how to create a "Job Optional" lifestyle.

In this podcast, host Justin Donald talks to Casey about how to maximize financial confidence and overall financial well-being.

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Key takeaways
  • Not all financial advisors are created equal! What you NEED to know before you start working with one!
  • Why focusing on money & “things” is a recipe for disappointing life — and how to shift your focus to create more meaning and purpose.
  • What should you do if you haven’t found your “passion” yet? Casey’s suggestion may surprise you!
  • What a successful financial plan looks like — and how it can help you live a “Job Optional” lifestyle.
  • Why a lack of intention and worrying about the future stops us from spending enough time where life is actually happening.
  • The #1 priority your Financial Advisor should be helping you with so you can live life with purpose.
  • How your emotional dependence on money is holding you back from becoming a Lifestyle Investor.
  • How Casey’s grandparents’ financial philosophies influenced his life.
  • Why “net givers” get the greatest returns — in all areas of life!