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Great things can happen when the right ingredients come together, but true magic takes places when the right people come together. May your Christmas be filled with the right ingredients and the right people to make the season merry and bright.

This holiday season we gathered ‘round the Howard Bailey kitchen and shared recipes that bring comfort and joy to our hearts. From recipes that have been handed down for generations to recipes found very recently, we collected the very best to share with you.

Marshal Casey Marshal Casey
Cookinʼ Up Oyster Stuffing

Join us for the first episode of The Howard Bailey Baking Show as Casey Weade, CEO & Founder, teaches Marshal Johnson, Senior Financial Advisor & Chief Investment Officer, how to make his famous Oyster Stuffing. The twist? Marshal doesn't like oysters.

Katie Lyndi Katie Lyndi
Brie-ng on the Cranberry

Katie Collins, Marketing Brand Lead, and Lyndi Nagel, Event Specialist, prove that working together on the marketing team translates well to a kitchen setting when these two take on a Cranberry Brie Crescent Wreath Recipe. The recipe might be new to them, but their teamwork is well practiced!

Marti Ashley Marti Ashley
Holy-Cannoli Cups

Marti Evans, Financial Advisor, and Ashley Lamb, Marketing Media Lead, take a clean and measured approach to Mini Cannoli Cups! They haven't baked together before, nor has either one made this recipe before, but the end result is very tasty!

Lyndi Katie Lyndi Katie
The GOAT Cheese Dip

Lyndi Nagel, Event Specialist, and Katie Collins, Marketing Brand Lead, are back for another recipe that they are trying for the first time. This time it's Goat Cheese & Date Dip and the results... well, see for yourself.

Karissa Jennifer Karissa Jennifer
CHAI Some Sugar Cookies

The Howard Bailey Baking Show takes a comic turn this episode when Karissa Labenz, Financial Advisor Support Specialist, and Jennifer Miller, Client Service Specialist, tackle a recipe that is completely new to both of them. Some spills and mishaps occur along the way, but the Chai Sugar Cookies that this duo made were delicious!

Kat Carl Kat Carl
Merri-MINT and Peppermint

A dash of food coloring, chaos and fun feature heavily when Kat Williams, Office Manager, and Carl Wright, Marketing Multimedia Specialist, take on Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies! The baking styles of these two couldn't be more different, but they have a ton of fun together when they try a recipe that is new to both of them. The results might not look pretty, but they sure taste like the holidays!