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The science of retiring with confidence; the art of living with purpose.

Job Optional* is a step-by-step guide to planning for your best retirement. Casey Weade walks you through how to utilize our Retire With Purpose planning framework to customize a retirement roadmap that mirrors your values, goals and passions.

We know that financial planning is complex, and here you’ll find a simplified explanation of the crucial concepts that make up a well-rounded retirement plan. Find out how Casey and the Howard Bailey team have helped individuals and families just like your own retire with meaning, purpose and the financial confidence to know their lifelong savings can weather any storm. When you’ve worked hard for your money, you need a plan and a team that will work just as hard to help you protect and grow it.

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It’s time to create more meaning and purpose in your life than ever before. Take your first step to reaching Job Optional* status now, as we explore:

  • Why a customized retirement plan should begin with purpose
  • How to define what retirement means to you
  • How to start practicing for retirement so you can step confidently into your next chapter
  • Top retirement pitfalls that could pose a risk to your lifelong savings and how to safeguard your retirement nest egg
  • Why we believe there are four necessary pillars to building a sustainable retirement plan: liquidity, income, growth, estate, with tax planning playing an overarching role
  • How to choose the right financial planner for you to create not only your retirement plan, but your life plan

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