About Casey Weade, CFP®, CLU®, RICP®

Casey Weade has been a sought-after speaker on progressive personal finance and retirement planning strategies in northeastern Indiana for nearly a decade. He is also the author of "Job Optional*", “The Purpose Based Retirement” and “Your Guide to Maximizing Retirement Efficiency,” a take-action guide to your golden years that is updated each year to reflect ever-changing laws and industry strategies.


"Job Optional*" was #1 on the Amazon Best Seller list in Retirement Planning on 7/2/2019, and was #5 on the Wall Street Journal Nonfiction eBook Best Seller list for the week ending 8/3/2019.

Job Optional*

This is NOT your typical money book. Casey walks you through exactly how to plan for retirement – differently – and with purpose so that when it’s time to retire you have the choice to:

  • Never work again!
  • Keep working without the stress of HAVING to work.
  • Launch a second career without worrying about your nest egg.
  • Casey shows you the formula for discovering how to take the money you’ve earned and turn it into the legacy you can live right now.
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