Weekend Reading: Wisdom Is Your Best Asset In a Bear Market

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Weekend reading wisdom bear market Weekend reading wisdom bear market
Weekend Reading

It’s said that “the average lifespan of a cell in our bodies is roughly seven years.” Meaning? At that point, “we are wholly and entirely a new person.”


Always evolving: As humans, we’re constantly changing, and the same reasoning can be applied to the stock market. As mentioned here, markets consist of a variety of factors which are always in flux, including:

📌 The decisions of billions of global consumers

📌 Corporate strategies and business plans

📌 Monetary and fiscal policies

📌 Government oversight and regulation

📌 Irrational human emotions

Check your market mindset: Additionally, it's the perceptions you hold as an investor that shape your views. While everyone might be seeing the same things happening in the market, we will all come to varied conclusions based on our own, personal experiences. Amidst market volatility, the key is to see things as they are, not in the permanent state you wish them to be. As author Anthony Isola says, “Viewing markets as foam from ocean waves is healthier than chasing unreliable investment returns motivated by FOMO.” It simply comes down to detaching yourself emotionally.

A strategy for the long haul: If the markets don’t maintain a status quo, your financial plan should be structured in a way to help you still achieve financial success, regardless of its constant fluctuations.