Weekend Reading: Why Everyone's Bearish

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Weekend reading why everyones bearish Weekend reading why everyones bearish
Weekend Reading

Market activity has been rough, but investors have been braced for impact for months. Economic confidence is at an all-time low and many believe we are heading straight toward a recession (or, might even already be in one).


,Bearish behavior: What’s igniting the fear? As stated here, “A recession that you see coming is psychologically more damaging than one that blindsides you.” Major companies such as Walmart and Target are reporting record lows, and additionally, the conservativity that typically comes along with bonds has been turned upside down as they experience their worst year ever.

A bullish outcome: However, all this being said, this also might be setting us up for bullish territory. Even if we do enter a recession (or already have), the market still has the potential to rally. As blogger Michal Batnick advises, “Good things tend to happen when everyone is expecting the worst.”

Consider this: Is it possible you could you be caught in a scary movie right now that actually has a disappointingly, un-scary ending?