Weekend Reading: When *Not* To Rebalance?

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Weekend reading when not to rebalance portfolio Weekend reading when not to rebalance portfolio
Weekend Reading

Rebalancing your portfolio – buying and selling to maintain your desired risk level – is a common investment practice. But how you decide when to do that matters!


There are two main approaches.

Key Points:

  • The "bottoms-up, bucket" method means adjusting your investments to ensure you have enough safe assets to cover your planned spending timelines
  • "Expected risk/return" focuses on maintaining a percentage-based mix of stocks and bonds that aligns with your overall risk tolerance
  • Choose the method that lets you stay confidently invested, knowing your plan aligns with your financial goals and comfort level

Why It Matters: Rebalancing helps you tailor your investments to your unique needs and comfort level, maximizing the chance of reaching your financial goals while minimizing unnecessary stress.