Weekend Reading: The Seven Virtues of Great Investors

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Weekend reading virtues great investors Weekend reading virtues great investors
Weekend Reading

our greatest investment attributes don’t include having the highest IQ. Instead, they stem from your character and ability to maintain consistent behavior.


Here are the most important behavioral virtues for growing wealth:

📌 Curiosity: “Great investors are afraid of what they do know, because they realize it might be biased, incomplete or wrong. So they never deviate from their lifelong, relentless quest to learn more.”

📌 Skepticism: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

📌 Independence: Your mind is your most valuable asset. Don’t let herd mentality (what others are doing) defer you from focusing on what is best for you.

📌 Humility: One of the most dangerous investor behaviors is overconfidence. Don’t forget to be humble amidst wealth-building success.

📌 Discipline: This involves being able to separate your financial situation from fear-inducing news headlines and being disciplined enough to look past investment FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

📌 Patience: Long term investing is often measured in decades, which requires being patient enough to stick with your strategy.

📌 Courage: None of the virtues above will bring investment success unless you have the courage to carry them out.

When you cultivate characteristics that focus less on what others are doing, and more on your own investment goals, dreams and purpose, you create a platform to build the “best” portfolio for you.