Weekend Reading: Time to Decide

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Weekend reading time to decide medicare Weekend reading time to decide medicare
Weekend Reading

Navigating the complex world of Medicare can feel daunting, but taking the time to choose the best plan for you is crucial.


Traditional vs. Advantage: Family medicine physician associate Scott Martin describes his experience researching plans upon turning age 65, plus managing Medicare insurance for his patients and parents. Martin explains many of his patients have Medicare Advantage plans and seem happy with the minimal monthly cost and extra benefits. However, some complain about high medication costs and limitations on healthcare providers. Further, Martin’s billing staff find Medicare Advantage plans to be more challenging to work with, compared to traditional Medicare.

Patients using traditional Medicare can choose any healthcare provider or hospital that accepts Medicare, usually without needing a referral. However, they may still face challenges with medication prices. Both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D drug insurance plans also have variable drug costs and coverage. In the end, Martin decides traditional Medicare plus supplemental insurance is the best fit for him. He plans to enroll in Medicare supplement Plan N, which covers 100 percent of Part B outpatient service costs, and will also purchase Part D prescription drug coverage.

Your Medicare decision isn’t something that can be determined from the flip of a coin. You deserve to find the best option for you, whether that’s by working with a professional or otherwise.