Weekend Reading: The Mushy Middle

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Weekend reading the mushy middle Weekend reading the mushy middle
Weekend Reading

Market news and data went from bad to worse this first half of 2022, but the good news is, we’re well into the middle; The “Mushy Middle”, that is.


Moving through a bear market: Simply put, the dominos are falling and continuing to fall. Interest rates have hiked, speculative bubbles have burst, losses are mounting and it's unclear when we will reach the end. It’s uncertainty to a heightened degree and nearly impossible to avoid the fear felt on Wall Street as of late.

Fixate forward: Rest assured, however, we do know at some point things will get better. The most difficult part can be getting there from where we are here now, though. As author Joshua Brown says, “here” is “the mushy middle, where decision making is hard and abstinence from further risk-taking just feels right.”

Keep the glass half-full mindset: Hindsight is always 20/20. Bad times might feel like the end of the world until they pass and you’re still here.