Weekend Reading: Some Good News

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Weekend reading good news Weekend reading good news
Weekend Reading

In bearish economic times like these, bullish news is necessary. That’s why The Ramp Report took to Twitter and asked for positive things that are still happening around us, despite the negative stories we see daily.

Some of the most noteworthy responses include:

📌 Expected rate of returns are increasing: Valuations and rate of returns are always opposite of one another. This means for early investors who don’t need the money now, entering the market is cheaper than it was a year ago.

📌 Seasonality is partially to blame: As stated here, “Major market bottoms have occurred in October more than any other month.” We get through it because it’s a season that passes.

📌 Record put volume: Amongst the market chaos, we recently experienced the highest put option volume (the amount of buying or selling for a particular contract).

📌 The universe continues onward: In a world as big as ours, so many things are beyond our control. Why spend the time worrying?

📌 Fed Pivot: In positive news, we are closer to the end of the Fed tightening cycle than the beginning. What remains to be seen is whether or not a soft landing can be achieved, and what that will look like for the economy.

The worst of times, the best of times:
It’s easy for us to feel the worst in periods of distress; However, it’s a good reminder to always recognize that these times present the best opportunities.