Weekend Reading: Social Security More Valuable Than Ever – Even for Millionaires, Advisors Say

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Weekend reading social security valuable Weekend reading social security valuable
Weekend Reading

Despite stock market volatility causing a 25 percent decline over the past year, there is good news for Social Security recipients: In 2023, benefits will increase by 8.7 percent to keep pace with rising inflation and cost-of-living.


Income, with no strings attached: Amidst market woes, this increase means Social Security could play a much more integral role for retirees’ income. It’s the only income stream you won’t run out of with no commissions or fees included. If you have yet to file for benefits, there has never been a more important time to thoroughly analyze your filing strategy.

Understand your options: Waiting to file for Social Security until age 70 allows you to grow your benefits by eight percent per year past full retirement age. However, factors such as current health status, projected longevity, whether or not you’re married and what your spouse’s benefit could be all play into the decision of tapping benefits early. In tumultuous times, leveraging this steady income outlet can be crucial, and one area you might feel peace of mind in having more control over.

Note this: If you are thinking of filing for Social Security earlier in order to avoid selling your retirement investments at a loss, it should be a red flag. This means you don’t have a real plan for a down market and will need to prepare for it to happen again in the future.