Weekend Reading: Beware of Social Security Agents Bearing Lump-Sum Offers

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Weekend reading social security lump sum offer Weekend reading social security lump sum offer
Weekend Reading

If you’re waiting to claim Social Security until age 70 and reap maximum benefits, it’s important to know the lump-sum option that could be offered to you beforehand.


Here’s the details: Upon initiating your benefits past full retirement age, Social Security agents can propose a provision that allows you to receive up to six months of retroactive benefits in one lump sum. While this offer sounds enticing, you should first consider its potential implications:

📌 Your following monthly benefits are permanently reduced.

📌 It could push you into a higher tax bracket.

📌 It could increase your Medicare Part B premium two years down the road due to higher income.

📌 The additional monthly income in lieu of the lump sum could help cover Medicare Part B premiums.

📌 Annual COLAs will be applied to a smaller base benefit amount.

You would think more money at the onset is a no-brainer; after all, it is your money. However, make sure you evaluate how all areas of your retirement and income strategy could be affected before making this decision.