Weekend Reading: The Lazy Way to An Awesome Life: 4 Secrets Backed By Research

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Weekend reading secrets to awesome life Weekend reading secrets to awesome life
Weekend Reading

Your expectations have enormous power in affecting the way you perceive life events. They influence your response to things that happen to you, especially in difficult situations.


Mind over matter: As such, learning how to shift your mindset around expectations will provide you more control over your response, and additionally, help you live a happier life. How? It begins with understanding these four notions:

📌 #1 - Expectations affect willpower: Despite what you might expect, you can handle a lot more than you think you can. When you feel confident in that, studies show you are not only more productive, but can recover faster from any trials you face.

📌 #2 - Expectations affect mood: You will experience ups and downs all throughout life. It is normal to not feel joyous 24/7, and the earlier you learn to accept your feelings, versus expect them to change instantly, the better you will feel.

📌 #3 - Expectations affect weight: Memory and attention play integral parts in the food you eat each day. If you want to change your eating habits, try reflecting on what you’ve already consumed, be present with your food, savor it and enjoy it slowly.

📌 #4 - Expectations affect health and aging: If you perceive being older as negative, you might find it to be. Recent research shows having a positive outlook on aging not only decreases your chances of illness and disease, but also extends your longevity because you’re more motivated to remain healthy and enjoy the aging process.

Shift expectations: Your life is a free-form dance. As life comes your way, you learn to change direction and not accept the unexpected, but embrace it.