Weekend Reading: The Journey of Finding Satisfaction in Life

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Weekend reading satisfaction in life Weekend reading satisfaction in life
Weekend Reading

Day-to-day happiness is something that will fluctuate over your lifetime, but when it comes to overall happiness, what lends to a “satisfied life”?


Here, blogger and early retiree Aaron lists the biggest lessons that led him to satisfaction. A few include:

📌 Life satisfaction does not come from scoring well in every test, nor the metrics you might think mean you’re successful: If you utilize scoring well in the test of money with material items, how do you know when enough is enough? As Aaron says, …”apart from a certain baseline (e.g. food, health, relationships), every other test is really optional.”

📌 Comparison is the thief of joy: We are all competitive in nature, but learning to live more for your own approval is key.

📌 Internal motivation is your superpower: Score your life according to your own expectation, not anyone else’s.

📌 Different isn’t always good, and some fundamental truths exist for a reason: Pave your own path, but know in the grand scheme of life, concepts like practicing gratitude and maintaining a strong sense of purpose for maximized happiness still hold true.

📌 Balancing growth and satisfaction is important: While a little stress can lead to growth, too much can be negative for your health. A balanced life of work, play and meaningful pursuits is much more sustainable over the long run.

Your “why” is your compass: Enjoyment of life cannot come from the win or the achievement. Your sense of happiness and fulfillment needs to stem from your engagement in the process.