Weekend Reading: 7 Questions I Have About Stocks & the Economy

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Weekend reading questions about stocks and economy Weekend reading questions about stocks and economy
Weekend Reading

Financial blogger Ben Carlson always poses interesting points when it comes to navigating smart investment moves in today’s world.


Here, you’ll find a list of questions worth considering in the midst of market volatility, plus a few light-hearted thoughts thrown in for fun. Some of the most noteworthy include:

📌 Is inflation offering us a wonderful buying opportunity? A long-term investing mindset means viewing market volatility as an opportunity. The activity we’re seeing today could lead to a booming economy.

📌 Why do markets always look much easier in hindsight? This is a prime reason why the market can feel so frustrating. We don’t know what will happen next, but in the future when we look back, it will likely seem obvious.

📌 Is the Fed really to blame for inflation? It isn’t just the U.S. Prices are surging worldwide, including in France and Germany. While the Fed took too long to slow its roll and make efforts to tame inflation, the pandemic, and now the war in Ukraine, are also leading to persistent price increases.

📌 How much further does this bear market have to go? The responses are mixed. Some believe a recession is inevitable, while others aren’t so sure. Bottom line? Be prepared for either to occur.

Food for thought: What questions do you have right now? By focusing on the right questions over concerns, could you make your financial life more productive today? Or, over the long-term?