Weekend Reading: How Our Perceptions of Time and Money Change as We Age

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Weekend reading perceptions time and money aging Weekend reading perceptions time and money aging
Weekend Reading

Have you reached your “cross-over point” of time and money? The perceptions you hold around the value around these two subjects will change throughout life, but there comes a point when you realize that time holds the most value.


The time and money mindset shift: Early in life, you often have scarce money, but more time. As you grow older, you’re willing to sacrifice your extra time for more money. There might even come a moment where you feel you have little of either; however, as you approach retirement, you have wealth, but learn to appreciate time more because you have less of it.

A vicious cycle: The time/money paradox is ongoing, but the sooner you realize life’s greatest asset is time, the sooner you can focus on what is most important. Time is necessary to grow wealth, but a constant focus on wealth will leave you with less time. Learn to keep the goalpost from moving and follow the mantra: “It’s not what you earn, but what you save”.

What is your why? Your moment of clarity — or “cross-over point” — may arise upon discovering your purpose, entering retirement or due to a life-changing event, such as a serious health diagnosis, death of a loved one or bringing children into the world. In this moment, your life priorities shift immediately, and the earlier you can get there, the earlier you can find what will bring you long-term fulfillment.

Ask yourself: Are you focused on Return on Investment, or Return on Life? Do you discern between the two?