Weekend Reading: Money is a Moon – Not a Galaxy

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Weekend reading money is a moon Weekend reading money is a moon
Weekend Reading

n the vast cosmic dance of the universe, everything in your life, from people to objects, is naturally drawn toward the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Amidst this grand spectacle, however, you shouldn’t worry about cosmic force. Instead, as author Jesse Cramer puts it, your time is best utilized when focused on local, Earth-based concerns.


Don’t make money your master: This analogy can extend to how often people view money as their "galaxy," allowing it to influence every aspect of their lives. When you experience extended periods of hyper-frugality (i.e. saving for retirement, working toward financial independence, etc.), money can quickly become your end all, be all. However, once you reach your “number”, you’ll quickly realize more important things light up your life.

Ask yourself: What does financial freedom mean to you? This is your galaxy, while money is a supporting element in your personal universe (AKA – your “moon”).