Weekend Reading: Your Money and Your Life

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Weekend reading money and life Weekend reading money and life
Weekend Reading

Your natural money mindset might be to accumulate as much money as possible, but tales of even the wealthiest individuals tell us wealth isn’t the end all, be all.


Money is a tool: I believe money is a means to leverage what brings you the most fulfillment. To further this concept, author Aaron Tang has some ideas to consider about both money and life, including:

📌 The gravity of compound growth: With consistency, bit by bit, you can grow your retirement nest egg, your habits and yourself.

📌 The purpose of money: You don’t work for money. You work for things money can buy. That could mean providing for your family, providing for the next generation, etc. But never forget the PURPOSE of your money.

📌 Money has tradeoffs: More money doesn’t always equal success, especially if it’s at the cost of spending time with those you care about or pursuing what you love.

📌 Money and the game beyond the game: You don’t need to “financialize” everything, nor do you need to compete or compare. Your focus was never meant to be on the money, but rather, how the money can be utilized to live a life focused on what you truly love. At Howard Bailey, we believe money should deliver even more meaning to life.