Weekend Reading: Minimum Size – Big Enough to Matter, Not Too Big That it’s Wasteful

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Weekend reading minimum size Weekend reading minimum size
Weekend Reading

Time is your most precious resource. How much of it do you spend thinking about money?


Find the amount that matters to you: Blogger and investor, Nick Maggiulli, once wrote about varied levels of wealth you may experience, and at what point the dollar amount no longer matters. For example, someone at Level 4 of wealth might not care about price differences between budget airlines because their minimum size is $1,000. The lesson here is that your “minimum size” will change as your wealth increases, so it’s helpful to ask yourself: What’s your minimum size when it comes to thinking about money?

Pinpoint your equilibrium: It's important to find a minimum balance that works for you and not get too caught up in small amounts of money that don't significantly impact your life. Just like money, there is a minimum size for time management. Setting your time slots too tight can lead to stress and an unpleasant lifestyle, while setting them too loose can result in unproductivity. Finding a reasonable size to manage resources, whether it's time, money or energy, is important.

What is obsessing over the pennies and nickels really costing you in this life? Is it time to change your minimum size?