Weekend Reading: Yes, You Can Sign Up for Medicare While You’re Still Working

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Weekend reading medicare while working Weekend reading medicare while working
Weekend Reading

If you’re still employed but eligible to enroll for Medicare, weighing the costs and options of your company healthcare insurance versus Medicare plans available is crucial.


It begins with understanding the Medicare program and making a decision that provides you the most cost-effective coverage possible.

Maximize your medical care: Here are a few areas to apprise yourself on if you have the choice to leverage employer health insurance or Medicare:

📌 Enrollment: For the majority of working seniors, enrollment in Medicare upon turning age 65 is not required. However, in companies with less than 20 employees, Medicare becomes the primary payer, and you must enroll upon eligibility.

📌 Cost and coverage: While employer-sponsored health plans can provide comprehensive coverage, in some cases, Medicare combined with a Medigap plan or Medicare Advantage plan can be less costly while offering the same or better coverage.

📌 What should be prioritized? You certainly want the lowest premium possible, but also pay attention to deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance, in addition to any prescriptions or medical services you need regularly.

📌 Timing: The ideal time to weigh your Medicare options versus employer health insurance is when you’re eligible or about to become eligible, during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, which is now through December 7. Ready to learn more? Register for our free Medicare webinar for further guidance on this complex program.

Keep in mind: Just because you are working beyond 65 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign up for Medicare. Know your options and make the best educated decision for your unique circumstances.