Weekend Reading: Does Life Get More Fun As You Age?

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Weekend reading life gets more fun as you age Weekend reading life gets more fun as you age
Weekend Reading

Contrary to the ageist connotation that often comes along with the word “old”, growing older doesn’t mean your life becomes dull.


In fact, surveys worldwide show that aging adults tend to be happier than younger individuals and life satisfaction tends to rise steadily from age 50 up through your 90s. Beyond this, you have many other opportunities to look forward to, including:

📌 Work Choices: Older individuals often have more choices regarding work, granting you options like part-time employment, second careers, volunteer work or leisure activities.

📌 Creativity and Personal Development: While in retirement, you can focus on personal interests, hobbies and creative pursuits, exploring new avenues and personal development opportunities.

📌 Self-Knowledge: As you age, you gain a better understanding of your values, interests, temperament and strengths, allowing you to invest time in things and people that truly matter.

📌 Physical Health: Despite some aches and pains, older people generally rate themselves in good to excellent physical health, so enjoy that walk or weekly pickleball game!

📌 Quality Relationships: Due to a shorter time horizon, you might be more likely to prioritize significant relationships, leading to high-quality connections that elevate your overall well-being.

📌 Social Supports: You gain access to social support systems like Medicare and Social Security, which can provide a safety net.

If you weren’t pro-aging before, how about now? Not every older person experiences all of the items on this list, but with the right mindset, you can make your later years just as enjoyable as your 20s.