Weekend Reading: If You Want to Be Wealthier, Let Go

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Weekend reading letting go Weekend reading letting go
Weekend Reading

We all have a tendency to control as much in our lives as possible. However, what if learning to not force things brought you closer to the life you desire?


The art of letting go: Darius Foroux references a book titled Solitude by English psychiatrist, Anthony Storr, and despite the title, its premise is that external relationships are at the core of human existence. While it requires alone time to accomplish major milestones in life, the book’s concept also brings light to the fact that we all must be part of a bigger social structure. We have a pull to contribute and give, but can only do so if we are truly “whole”. Storr’s philosophy of being whole means:

📌 To be happy and content, one must accept themselves.

📌 With self-acceptance comes peace of mind.

📌 One no longer tries to force life to be a certain way.

📌 One accepts the way life is.

Find your “whole” to help others: This can explain why when you reach financial independence, or at least realize you have enough, you tend to get even more. Learning to let go allows you to focus your energy on where you can truly make the biggest impact for others. As Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”