Weekend Reading: A Few Laws of Getting Rich

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Weekend reading laws of getting rich Weekend reading laws of getting rich
Weekend Reading

Your pursuit of financial independence and wealth is one many share. However, when it comes to being “rich”, a life affluent of money doesn’t guarantee a life void of conflict.


Of the nine wealth laws featured here, five include:

📌 Money alone doesn't guarantee happiness, and many of life's sources of joy have nothing to do with wealth.

📌 The more wealthy you become, the less likely people might criticize your actions, leading to potential isolation and lack of feedback.

📌 The drive and anxiety that led to success can be challenging to shed, even when you’re financially secure.

📌 Quick wealth is often fragile and prone to reckless spending with a high risk of loss.

📌 Expectations can escalate quickly, causing dissatisfaction, especially when you’re surrounded by other wealthy individuals.

You’ll find that being “rich” in money isn’t the sole determinant of your overall life fulfillment. Other non-financial kinds of “wealth”, such as time, relationships and your health can be much more influential toward the happiness you experience each day.