Weekend Reading: How to Get Rich in the Markets

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Weekend reading how to get rich in the markets Weekend reading how to get rich in the markets
Weekend Reading

You can score big in the markets, and there’s a variety of ways to do so, some of which are easier and more realistic than others.


Here, investment guru Barry Ritholtz explores ten ways to amass market wealth, ranked in order (from his perspective) as hardest/least likely to succeed – to easiest/highest chance to accumulate a fortune. Here are five:

📌 Find undervalued companies: Invest in small, undiscovered companies with potential for growth. Hold onto the stocks until they gain value. Difficulty: 10/10, Likelihood of success: 1/10, Time Required: 5-20 years.

📌 Time the market: Attempt to predict market trends and invest accordingly. Difficulty: 6/10, Likelihood of success: 5/10, Time Required: Whenever the next major reversal occurs.

📌 Index investing: Buy and hold the entire market for the long term. Difficulty: 5/10, Likelihood of success: 10/10, Time Required: 20-50 years.

📌 Dollar cost averaging: Regularly invest a fixed amount over time to accumulate wealth. Difficulty: 3/10, Likelihood of success: 9/10, Time Required: 10-50 years.

📌 Compound forever: Allow investments to compound over a long period without selling. Difficulty: 2/10, Likelihood of success: 10/10, Time Required: Forever.

Getting “rich” is all relative, and your ability to gain “riches” may not be nearly as complicated as you think.