Weekend Reading: How Exercise May Help Us Flourish

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Weekend Reading

Most are well-versed on the benefits of exercise, but this goes to show the psychological effects run much deeper. Check out this article from The New York Times by clicking the link below.


Movement and meaning: Purpose is at the heart of our retirement planning process for a reason. It’s the driving force of a fulfilling life, and now, a new study proves that remaining active as you age can elevate that sense of purpose. Physical activity provides us with meaning and structure to help live our purpose, but in return, this study shows it also works the other way around. Individuals with a strong direction in life are more influenced to engage in exercise too.

A recipe for longevity: The study also found that having a strong sense of purpose was linked, later in life, as the equivalent to taking an extra weekly walk or two. In creating an exercise routine, you’re motivated to set new goals and develop direction, and simultaneously, that might prompt you to want to stick around longer and see those goals come to fruition.

Here’s the reality: Your health is forever entwined with every single aspect of your life. If you lose it, you may just lose your wealth too.