Weekend Reading: Don’t Forget to Include This Asset in Your Estate Plan

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Weekend reading generational health Weekend reading generational health
Weekend Reading

To cut to the chase, the greatest asset you can leave your heirs is the gift of good health, and a new study shows this is something you might have more control over than originally thought.


A link to longevity: Recent research in mice found that there could be a direct relationship from grandparents to grandchildren when it comes to living a healthy life. As stated here, while this study was focused on animals and not humans, “the mice with active grandmothers were leaner than the others and, in males, sported denser, healthier bones.” The major takeaway? A whole food diet and exercise have the ability to improve the metabolic health of multiple generations down the road.

The gift that keeps on giving: Beyond providing benefits to family heirs, focusing on a healthy lifestyle also reaps you the reward of living a more active retirement and potentially being less likely to face major illnesses or diseases (thus, less money on healthcare and long-term care). To help ensure this crucial asset passes down to loved ones, a focus on consistent exercise, real, vitamin-rich foods and alcohol limitation is key.

Remember this: Your health and wealth go hand-in-hand. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.