Weekend Reading: Old Frugal Habits Die Hard: Why I Force Myself to Spend More

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Weekend reading frugal habits and spending Weekend reading frugal habits and spending
Weekend Reading

For many retirees, saving can be the easy part, but spending is a different story. A frugal mindset is something you can carry with you for life, and it might make enjoying the fruits of your labor during retirement feel difficult at times.


Frugality syndrome: Here, author Darius Foroux describes a moment when he purchased a new bike and cycling gear. He knew the investment would be well worth it, but still felt uncomfortable with spending the money. Many of the retirees we meet with experience these same feelings as they enter that financially independent stage of their lives. Spending feels foreign, but being self-aware can help you find a balance between enjoying the things that bring you joy, while also maintaining financial peace of mind.

Money is a means: Being frugal while also being able to spend is a mindset that can help you and your loved ones live better. As Foroux says, “It’s all about managing fear”, and if your hesitation to spend is truly fear-based, then wouldn’t it make sense to systematically address that with a solid financial plan?