Weekend Reading: Five Annuity Myths Debunked

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Weekend reading five annuity myths Weekend reading five annuity myths
Weekend Reading

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not annuities could hold a viable place in your portfolio, it’s important to first understand what they are and are not.


Here’s the reality on five myths you might have heard prior:

📌 1) Annuities are all the same and only for retirees: Different types of annuities can suit various financial goals, including deferred annuities for wealth building and income annuities for guaranteed income.

📌 2) All annuities have high fees: Variable annuities may have ongoing fees, but they are disclosed in the prospectus. Fixed annuities typically have no consumer fees, making them a valuable option.

📌 3) Annuities aren't suitable for IRAs: Many types of annuities can work well in traditional or Roth IRAs, offering advantages like principal protection and tax-free income options.

📌 4) Annuities are rip-offs due to early-surrender charges: Early-surrender charges can be avoided by keeping the annuity full term. Most annuities offer some liquidity and flexibility during the surrender period.

📌 5) Once you buy an annuity, you're stuck with it: There's typically a "free-look" period of 10 to 30 days after receiving the annuity policy, during which you can cancel the contract and receive a refund.

Check yourself for emotional bias toward any investment vehicle, including annuities. Have you thoroughly taken the time to understand the product and its ability to fulfill your unique needs, or have you fed into the tell tales?