Weekend Reading: What Does it Look Like to be Financially Healthy?

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Weekend reading financially healthy Weekend reading financially healthy
Weekend Reading

You know the components of being physically healthy, but what about when it comes to your finances?


While your financial health is personal to you, here are five key signs you’re on the right track:

📌 You have enough cash on hand to weather the storms that come: It’s not a matter of if, but when the unexpected occurs, which is why having an emergency fund is so important.

📌 You understand your cash flow: You track the numbers and know what’s coming in versus what’s going out so you can ensure your spending fits within this amount.

📌 Your spending is in line with your income: You know what purchases your income allows and spend based on that, while delaying bigger expenses that will require additional saved money.

📌 You have a plan for your goals: You’ve put deep thought into prioritizing your goals, and you have a customized strategy and process to reach them. Not only that, but you’ve implemented your strategy and continue to revisit it to ensure you’re making progress.

📌 You’ve thought through and planned for bad things to happen: Life can bring unfortunate surprises, but you’re proactive and protect yourself, whether that’s through insurance, extra emergency savings on hand or otherwise.

You probably want to be physically and financially healthy, but it can feel complicated and difficult. The reality is, if you do a handful of things right and just keep it simple, it’s relatively easy to stay on track.