Weekend Reading: You Have “Enough” Money When You Can Afford 2 Needs

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Weekend reading enough money Weekend reading enough money
Weekend Reading

One of – if not the biggest – financial priorities you might have is ensuring you have enough money. But what exactly is “Enough”?


The answer to this question will be different for everyone because it's based on your personal circumstances.

Choose your two: Pinpointing your “Enough” often stems from what you think you need. To narrow down what you actually need, author Darius Foroux recommends categorizing your needs into five areas: Security, Loved Ones, Exploration, Hobbies and Creative Outlet. These areas can be shaped in any way you prefer, but once they are established, ask yourself: What are your top two area needs?

Secure your Enough, then expand: Narrowing down the two primary categories of your needs can help improve your relationship with money and understand its purpose. You might look at “Enough” as having all of your needs and wants met, but your thirst for wants may never end. In the end, defining “Enough” simply by meeting your needs can create more peace in the process of pursuing more of your wants.