Weekend Reading: Why Are We So Emotional About Money?

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Weekend reading emotional about money Weekend reading emotional about money
Weekend Reading

Anything important to you in life directly impacts your emotions, and for many, that includes money.


Personal finance is personal: Here, author and money guru Ramit Sethi explores the emotional aspect of money and how to build a healthier relationship with it. He emphasizes that your feelings about money are often unrelated to your financial decisions and usually reflect deeper issues. Further, Sethi advises shifting your mindset away from financial scarcity and fear by focusing on what you gain from financial decisions, like education or experiences.

Reflect on your money beliefs: To build a better relationship with money, it's essential to understand the origins of your emotions about money, which can be influenced by family, culture and personal experiences. Embracing feelings and becoming fluent in financial concepts, like compound interest, can help. Sethi believes money can be a source of joy, motivation and opportunities when approached with empathy and a focus on individual goals and values.

Where might your money beliefs and emotions need realigned? Remember: Happiness won’t stem from amassing as much money as possible. It’s best leveraged by utilizing your hard-earned dollars to fulfill your unique vision of a “rich life.”