Weekend Reading: Client Opportunities for Health Insurance Coverage Under the American Rescue Plan

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Weekend Reading

You have a huge opportunity right now in the way of Healthcare. Recent changes found within the American Rescue Plan might just save you a chunk of money on health insurance now, as well as in the future. Find out what these new benefits might mean for you in this article by Advisor Perspectives below.


Don't overlook these new health insurance benefits available to you right now, as they could potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars for years to come. This is big news for you, and your retirement savings.

If you’re currently responsible for your own health insurance in retirement, now is the time to get educated on the healthcare opportunities found within the American Rescue Plan (ARP). Past podcast guest, Dr. Carolyn McClanahan, highlights recent changes to health insurance. Some of the new benefits available to you include:

  • Enhanced health insurance subsidies – Huge opportunity for clients; The modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) ‘cliff’ for obtaining subsidies for health insurance is eliminated for 2021 and 2022
  • Maximal assistance for those who claim unemployment – This includes qualifying for a no-premium-cost Silver plan
  • New round of COBRA premium assistance – If you lost employer-based health coverage due to job loss, the ARP provides premium subsidies between April 1 and September 30
  • Forgiveness of 2020 premium tax credit over-calculations

Make Note: These benefits could be huge for your retirement portfolio, especially in way of the enhanced health insurance subsidies, but the tax credits offered only apply for the months a person is enrolled in a plan through the Affordable Care Act. Open enrollment has been extended to August 15, so the sooner you apply, the more you’ll save on health insurance.

Time is of the essence: If you have been delaying retirement due to the cost of health insurance, or are delaying major medical care until you are on Medicare, now could be a great time to make a change to your plans. The details continue to evolve quickly, but don’t delay.