Weekend Reading: 7 Habits to Live a Healthier Life, Inspired by the World's Longest-Lived Communities

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Weekend reading blue zones habits Weekend reading blue zones habits
Weekend Reading

Can you reap Blue Zone rewards without actually living in one?


According to Healthline.com, “Blue Zones” are “geographic areas with lower rates of chronic diseases and a longer life expectancy.” In these regions, an astounding number of people live to be 100 years or older, which is why American writer and producer, Dan Buettner, released a new Netflix documentary exploring the valuable insights found in Blue Zone communities. Here are several of his biggest takeaways:

📌 Incorporate movement: Engage in daily physical activity, whether that’s through gardening, spending time outdoors and making it a point to incorporate movement into your daily routine.

📌 Eat like a peasant: Blue Zone residents consume simple, plant-based diets rich in whole grains, vegetables, greens, beans, and tubers (sweet potatoes).

📌 Build strong social connections: Loneliness can be detrimental to health. Join communities, attend gatherings and prioritize relationships with family and friends.

📌 Take short naps: A short afternoon nap can help recharge your energy and improve alertness.

📌 Affordable housing and family support: In some Blue Zones, policies promote affordable housing and keeping aging parents nearby. Consider living in more affordable areas and maintaining strong family connections.

If you want to live a longer life, it’s pretty basic and quite obvious; just do it.