Weekend Reading: A Bit of a Bad Thing

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Weekend reading bit of a bad thing money Weekend reading bit of a bad thing money
Weekend Reading

You’re well aware of the beautifying effects of Botox, but in its purest form, did you know it’s also one of the most toxic substances in existence? This is just one example of when something “bad” is used carefully and in moderation, for some, it can also be “good”.


When it comes to your money, here are times when this concept might also hold true:

📌 Credit Cards: While they can lead to financial issues, they offer numerous benefits if used responsibly, such as rewards, insurance and fraud protection.

📌 Debt: Although excessive debt can be detrimental, moderate use of property loans can help you own homes and potentially grow wealth.

📌 Insecurity and competitiveness: These traits can drive success, but they can also negatively impact mental health. Finding a middle ground is key.

📌 High-risk investing: Taking on some risk can enhance returns, but it's crucial to pinpoint a comfortable balance to avoid loss.

📌 Spending on fun stuff: Putting money toward fulfilling experiences and items can enhance your happiness and well-being when done sensibly.

Your financial plan, investment strategy and your life are all about balance. It’s all poison, if you absorb too much of it.