Weekend Reading: A Big Financial Myth

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Weekend reading big financial myth Weekend reading big financial myth
Weekend Reading

What is the answer to this title, you ask? It’s the common belief that money provides control over your time.


Money vs. time: While wealth may help you avoid undesirable tasks, time remains beyond your control, regardless of riches. This myth can lead to a never-ending pursuit of unattainable goals, creating a cycle of dissatisfaction. The reality is, even wealthy individuals feel short on time, as more wealth can result in increased expenses and a general desire to obtain the “next thing”.

Quality > Quantity: Author Oliver Burkeman proposes the idea that true fulfillment comes from acceptance and embracing the concept of "kairos" time, which emphasizes the quality and meaning of moments. To do so, defining your life purpose and aligning your financial goals with personal values is essential. In the end, the quest is not for more time or money, but for a life rich in meaning and significance.

Your time is finite and out of your control. However, every day you have the opportunity to make the most of the time you have left in ways most meaningful to you.