Weekend Reading: 7 Beliefs About Money

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Weekend reading beliefs about money Weekend reading beliefs about money
Weekend Reading

Whether you find it to be a taboo topic or not, the concept of money is incredibly complex. Here, author Rubin Miller highlights his duality as a financial professional and a regular person grappling with everyday money decisions.


Throughout his experiences, he’s accumulated seven personal money matras. Five include:

📌 Appreciate untouched investments: Embrace the concept of compounding and portfolio design.

📌 Find enjoyment without spending: Learn to have fun without constantly buying things, as relying solely on spending leads to a never-ending cycle of consumption.

📌 Understand your investment outcomes: Even if you're not an expert, it's essential to grasp what drives your investment results to make informed decisions.

📌 Establish an ASWI (Ain’t Stinking Worth It) number: Determine a threshold for purchases that you won't spend time thinking about to avoid unnecessary stress.

📌 Show yourself grace: Don't dwell on past financial mistakes; instead, focus on improving your situation and embracing financial planning for a less stressful life.

Your money is best leveraged in ways that are purposeful and meaningful to you. There’s a delicate balance between financial responsibility and valuing time as an irreplaceable resource, but once you find it, fulfillment can flourish.