Weekend Reading: 8 Ways to Invest Confidently in Retirement

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Weekend reading invest confidently preview Weekend reading invest confidently preview
Weekend Reading

Are you feeling financially uneasy after a rocky 2020? You can still invest with confidence, and there’s no time like the present to take the first step. Check out the original article from CNBC below.


If you’re still sitting in cash after the fear-laden year of 2020, it’s time to get a plan. You probably can’t sit on the sidelines forever, and you definitely shouldn’t.

That doesn’t mean you need to dive directly into the stock market, or even put anything in the stock market for that matter, but you should do something. Being lazy isn’t beneficial for anyone, and the same goes for your money.

There is always a place to go with your cash for growth, and you don’t necessarily need to take risk. However, you may need to step out of the past and consider tools you might have passed over prior. There’s a reason the front windshield in your car is bigger than the rearview mirror. The most important elements are always in front of you.