Weekend Reading: My 2023 Predictions

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Weekend reading 2023 market predictions Weekend reading 2023 market predictions
Weekend Reading

Even if you’re not one to pay attention to investment forecasts, we’re all likely curious of what 2023 will bring to our wallets.


Uncertainty overpowers expectations: While analysts attempt to predict what the year ahead might look like, the reality is, investment results are made up of two things: Expected returns and unexpected returns. And as you might have guessed, unexpected returns are impossible to predict. They often override the widely-known, 10 percent long-term average return of a diversified stock portfolio.

Here’s why: This is because “events like wars, financial crises, pandemics and unforeseen inflation” can cause dips. And, “life-changing technological innovation, robust economic recoveries and vast expansions” can lead to upswings. Both event categories are unexpected and can many times cancel one another out, but in the short-term, “unexpected returns drive almost everything.”

The exception: In the case of bonds, however, you have more information regarding expected returns. Their ability to return your initial investment back to you – combined with the “coupons” they also deliver on predetermined dates – means they offer greater clarity in potential outcome. Here, the unexpected holds less meaning, giving bonds more predictability.

Bottom line: While you should leverage expected returns in your long-term planning, you should neutralize your plan against unexpected short-term returns.