Casey weade mindset makeover habits behavior Casey weade mindset makeover habits behavior
Podcast 434

434: Mindset Makeover: Adjusting Your Habits and Behaviors as You Age

Certain behaviors can play a large role in your self-perception, especially as you navigate life transitions like retirement.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Self-awareness and recognizing patterns of behavior, including letting go of behaviors that no longer serve us
  • The importance of truly understanding yourself, your core values and your purpose in life
  • Setting meaningful goals aligned with your personal values
  • The difference between a behavior and a habit and the pros and cons of habit stacking

Today's article comes from Global English Editing titled, If you want a more meaningful life, say goodbye to these 9 behaviors. Listen in as Founder and CEO of Howard Bailey Financial, Casey Weade, breaks down the article and provides thoughtful insights and advice on how it applies to your unique financial situation.

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