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103: How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor with Brad Johnson

Choosing the right financial advisor is a big decision; one that can have a major impact on your life. Unfortunately, not all financial advisors are created equal – and if you’re not careful, it could cost you!

Today’s guest, Brad Johnson is here to offer a unique perspective. Brad is the VP of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel (the largest independent insurance brokerage firm in the US) and coach to the biggest and brightest financial advisors in the country.

He’s also the host of The Elite Advisor Blueprint® – a podcast for world-class financial advisors, where he distills the best advice from top thought leaders and applies it to the world of independent financial advising.

During this conversation, Brad pulls back the curtain and guides you through the process of selecting an independent financial advisor who is going to act in your best interests.

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In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • The most important attributes you should look for in a financial advisor – and the immediate red flags that should send you running.
  • Why the best financial plans are custom built.
  • What to expect from a financial advisor during the 1st & 2nd appointments.
  • How to recognize the difference between a good and bad advisor – and where to find them.
  • Why working with anyone with a restricted array of tools is likely to hinder your long-term success.
  • What is an independent financial advisor and why is that important?
  • The importance of hiring a financial advisor with a team-based approach.
  • How to look at your prospective advisor’s educational background, qualifications, and licenses to make sure you’re working with the best.
  • The story that changed how Brad views relationships with others.


“Great advisors simplify the complex.” – Brad Johnson

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