What is YOUR PURPOSE in life when you retire?

Note the question posed. We did not ask: What will YOU DO when you retire?

Many think that when they retire, they will golf all day. Or they will go fishing every week. Or they will spend all their time reading all those books they never had time to read before.

Those things are all wonderful, but rather quickly after retirement, they might feel… dare we say it…. Boring.

That’s because these things, wonderful as they are, likely aren’t what give you purpose and meaning. Are you ready to find what purpose and meaning could look like for you in retirement? Great! You’re ready for… The EPIC Project.

The EPIC Project is specifically focused on community, collaboration and coaching. We want you to live an EPIC LIFE and that means truly understanding and embracing your purpose. We are revolutionizing retirement. It’s no longer about enduring a mid-life crisis; it’s about embracing your middlescence. We are no longer just filling our days with stuff; we are finding our purpose and elevating what it means to truly live. Our Chief Purpose Officer leads workshops, events, and personalized sessions that walk you through what purpose means to you and guides you in how you can live your purpose... EPICLY.  

Ask yourself…

  1. What does retirement mean to me?
  2. Do I fear my middlescence or am I looking forward to it?
  3. What is my true purpose?

If you struggle to answer any of those question, Les can help. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to see what The EPIC Project can mean for you.

Coaching landing page Coaching landing page

Les guides clients through the non-financial aspects of retirement. This includes coaching sessions, webinars and additional resources designed to amplify Howard Bailey’s mission to help others gain clarity in purpose and elevate meaning in their lives through personal and practical financial strategies. Over the last 25 years, Les has developed his passion for mentoring and guiding others to find their purpose.

Get a sneak peek at how Les connects with clients. He joined Casey Weade, Founder and CEO, and Marshal Johnson, Senior Financial Advisor and Chief Investment Officer, on the Retire with Purpose Podcast to talk about the #1 retirement challenge that no one is talking about. What does it look like to find happiness in retirement?