Retire with Purpose featuring Casey Weade


The "Retire with Purpose" TV show highlights topics and potential issues that directly affect those nearing or already in retirement. Since 2011, Casey has been breaking down complex concepts and shedding light on otherwise abstract financial matters alongside host Lee Kelso and Howard Bailey vice president Marshal Johnson.

Real Retirement Challenges

Are you ready for your Next3rd? If you missed Casey's podcast interview with Kris Van Der Pas-Norenius, you can catch the highlights in this episode as Casey discusses the challenges Kris faced in her own retirement.

Confessions of a Financial Advisor

Confession time! Be sure to catch this episode as Casey shares his latest Forbes article and admits the lessons he's learned through making mistakes as a financial advisor.

Becoming a Front Row Grandparent

If you're looking to "rewire" your retirement and create a lasting legacy, you won't want to miss this episode as Casey shares highlights from his recent podcast interview with Jon Vroman, founder of the Front Row Foundation.

Finding Purpose in Retirement

If you missed Casey's podcast interview with life transitions coach, Dr. Paul Ward, you're in for a treat as Casey shares highlights and wisdom from their interview.

The Future of Social Security

Will Social Security actually "go broke" as projected? Get the scoop as Casey discusses an article from MarketWatch on the future of Social Security.

Watch Out For These Retirement Killers

Are retirement killers waiting in the shadows to take you down? Get the details as Casey discusses a Forbes article on 2 retirement killers and how to avoid them.

Do You Still Need Life Insurance?

Do you really need life insurance in retirement? Find out as Casey discusses an article from Kiplinger on why you might (or might not) need life insurance in your Golden Years.

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