Retire with Purpose hosted by Casey Weade


The "Retire with Purpose" TV show highlights topics and potential issues that directly affect those nearing or already in retirement. Since 2011, Casey has been breaking down complex concepts and shedding light on otherwise abstract financial matters alongside host Lee Kelso and Howard Bailey vice president Marshal Johnson.

The "Retire with Purpose" TV show is a paid placement on each airing station.

Navigating A Bear Market

How bad could this bear market actually get, and what actions can you take to ride the wave now? Find out on this episode of Retire With Purpose.

The Zero Percent Tax Bracket*

What is the Power of Zero and how can it be leveraged to maximize your tax planning? Find out from a past podcast guest in this episode of Retire With Purpose.

Best of The Retire With Purpose Podcast

Casey features segments from some of his favorite Retire With Purpose podcast guests, and each has a unique outlook on planning for your ultimate Second Act. Tune in now to find out how to build a retirement that's filled with meaning AND purpose.

The 5 Years Before Retirement*

On this episode of the Retire With Purpose TV show, Casey covers everything from the importance of the 5 years leading up to your retirement, to spending do's and don'ts. Catch it all now.

“Rightsizing” in Retirement*

How could downsizing your living arrangements impact your retirement? Find out from past podcast guests, John and Ingrid Sullivan, on this episode of Retire With Purpose.

When Can I Retire?

"When can I retire" is a question we often hear at Howard Bailey, but recent podcast guest, George Schofield, says the question is irrelevant. Why? Find out on this episode of Retire with Purpose.

Inside the Advisory World

A past podcast guest shares his observations on what makes or breaks a solid financial advisor partnership in this episode of Retire with Purpose.

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