Retirement, redefined — crafted by you, for you.

Retire With Purpose Coaching

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 | 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Navigating the landscape of retirement can be a blend of exhilarating dreams and daunting uncertainties. With the appointment of our Chief Purpose Officer, Les McDaniel, we are partnering with our clients to focus on the experience of retirement. As a participant on your retirement journey, we are pleased to offer you a first look at our dynamic retirement coaching.

If you've ever found yourself wrestling with soul-stirring questions about this life stage, you're not alone. Ask yourself:

  • Do you fear losing a lifelong identity shaped by your career?
  • Are you unsure of who you might really be in retirement?
  • Do you fear loneliness or losing connection with friends, family, and coworkers?
  • Do you worry about dying without a legacy?
  • Do you feel trapped in a purposeless existence?

This complimentary workshop is specifically designed to help you unlock a deeper sense of self-awareness, while cultivating a renewed sense of purpose, fulfillment and alignment with the truest version of YOU.

Together, we will learn to…

🔎 Shatter Retirement Myths: Uncover and challenge prevailing myths that shape perceptions of retirement.
💪 Ignite a Dynamic Lifestyle: Break free from age-related stereotypes and embrace strategies for a healthy and active retirement life.
💡 Design Your Unique Retirement Blueprint: Discover who you are beyond your career and investments, aligning with your true self.
Craft a Legacy of Impact: Activate a legacy lifestyle that extends beyond financial success, but also establishes purpose-based values, influence and impact.

As Howard Bailey Champions, participation in this course is more than an opportunity; it's a vital step toward a purpose-filled retirement.

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About your coach, Les:

Les guides clients through the non-financial aspects of retirement. This includes coaching sessions, webinars and additional resources designed to amplify Howard Bailey’s mission to help others gain clarity in purpose and elevate meaning in their lives through personal and practical financial strategies. Over the last 25 years, Les has developed his passion for mentoring and guiding others to find their purpose.

Get a sneak peak at how Les connects with clients. He joined Casey Weade, Founder and CEO, and Marshal Johnson, Senior Financial Advisor and Chief Investment Officer, on the Retire with Purpose Podcast to talk about the #1 retirement challenge that no one is talking about. What does it look like to find happiness in retirement?