Mission Statement

Develop retirement strategies that elevate the meaning and purpose in the lives of others, allowing them to let go of what’s next and focus on where they can make the biggest impact today.

Core Values

The foundation of our company core values are built upon Chief Visionary Casey Weade's core values, which are derived from personal experiences, coaches, mentors and heroes throughout the years.

Most importantly, he has passed these values onto his children in the form of a series of questions, also known as affirmations, that he asks them at the start of every day. Three of those affirmations have been adopted as the core values of our firm.

Our core values are rooted in three life principles: Helping People, Doing a World-Class Job and Growing 10x.

What’s your purpose? To help people.

After achieving financial freedom, Casey became obsessed with the concept of purpose. He found it both challenging and overwhelming to define what his purpose was until he met Ken Wimberly at a retreat in Austin, Texas. Ken simplified his purpose to being the best possible example he can be for his wife, children and others that look to him for inspiration. It was simple, easy and straightforward. Casey recognized Ken’s purpose was really about helping others in his own unique way, and has found that to be true for everyone he has encountered. We are here to help people, plain and simple.

What kind of job will you do today? A world-class job.

Venture capitalist and championship debater, Ann Miura-Ko, attributes much of her success to one of the most enduring principles her father instilled in her: everything she did, no matter how trivial, deserved “world-class” effort. Ann’s story inspired Casey to instill this in his children and in his team — ensuring they are always focused on making everything they do world class.

Where are you headed? 10X better.

One of Casey’s personal coaches, Dan Sullivan, the world’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship and co-founder of Strategic Coach, introduced Casey to the 10X concept. The concept is simple and yet profound: Think about a 10X bigger future, and your mind expands 10X. Making a daily habit of expanding your mind enables you to see and act upon opportunities for exponentially greater growth, progress, capabilities and resources. Casey seeks to expand the minds of everyone his family and team come in contact with to show them how to be 10X better.

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Brand DNA

We may not be able to work with everyone, but we can help everyone. Our goal is to provide value to everyone we meet — in person or virtually — through our retirement planning services, books, TV Show, Radio Hour, Podcasts, Webinars and Events.